Mission Statement and 10-Year Vision for Halewood

Halewood Town Council is the council closest to the residents of Halewood. Your council is here to support residents by representing their views on issues affecting them, by providing information and support, plus services that help develop our thriving, exciting township.

To exemplify our role serving the residents of Halewood, the  Council has developed a Mission Statement which can be viewed here: Halewood Mission Statement

To support the Mission Statement, and as an outcome of the work on the Halewood Neighbourhood Plan, the council agreed a 10-year vision for the township in April 2022. This vision is an expression of the council’s ambition for Halewood, a vision that seeks the best for residents young and old, for long-established residents and those who will choose to live in the township over the next 5 years.

View our 10-year vision here: Halewood Vision 2022-2032

In January 2023, the Town Clerk for Halewood Town Council (Gerry Allen) contributed to an article in ‘The Liverpool Echo’ which summarised the council’s ambition for the township. Link Here: Halewood, not merely a dormitory town


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