Neighbourhood Plan

This section of our website is dedicated to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Halewood.

Why has Halewood embarked on the journey to create a Neighbourhood Plan? Perhaps the main driver to create a plan was the major objections to the proposed sell-off of parks and green space across  Halewood in 2018/19. This propelled many people in the community to organise against the proposals. The ‘new’ town council elected in May 2019 set an objective of devising a Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted  by the people of Halewood – if accepted via an eventual referendum. Halewood Town Council will therefore lead the co-ordination of the Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the township.

In September 2020, the Town Council commenced a series of consultation events to ask the people of Halewood whether they wished to help in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. These events have been held mostly on Zoom (some ‘physical’ events were cancelled as Knowsley moved into Tier 3 restrictions) but have drawn a wide range of interest from local people with over 35 residents registering their interest at the events. Many of these residents are keen to assist the Town Council with the next stage of developing the plan.

Consultation in Halewood will continue through the month of November. This will see the Town Manager and staff reaching out to schools, businesses and community organisations operating in the township. This is likely to see an increase in the numbers of people seeking to assist with the development of the plan.

The presentation delivered at the consultation events can be viewed here: A Neighbourhood Plan for Halewood

To attend a new event or to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan please contact Gerry Allen (Town Manager) at


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