Publication Scheme

General Privacy Notice and GDPR Statement

As part of providing a service to the community, Halewood Town Council is committed to protecting the personal information obtained in the course of its business and has statements under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

GDPR Policy Statement and General Privacy Notice

Complaints/Compliments Policy

Halewood Town Council values feedback from residents to help improve our services, or to advise staff members on on compliments from residents. Please find the council’s Complaints/Compliments Policy here: Complaints and Compliments Policy.

Council Website Accessibility Statement

Halewood Town Council has also agreed an Accessibility Statement regarding its official website: Accessibility Statement for Town Council Website

Halewood Town Council Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information Act)

This is the Town Council’s “Freedom of Information Policy / Model Publication Scheme”. Please click on the link to open up the document: Halewood Town Council-Model-Publication-Scheme-2023

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