Action Plan 2023-24

Halewood Town Council lead officers and elected members aim to meet on two occasions per year to set out it’s key priorities, review of services/activities and to consider its finances. After the meeting of members and staff in early June 2023, it set out an Action Plan for the 2023-24 Municipal Year, this will be reviewed later in 2023 as the council begins to consider priorities for the subsequent Municipal Year.

The council’s key priorities which form an Action Plan are:

  • Deliver Community Events that are free at the point of delivery
  • Reinstate the NALC ‘Quality Mark’ for Halewood Town Council
  • Green Spaces Strategy for the parks/green spaces leased to Halewood Town Council, to include consultation with residents
  • Clarity on the Arncliffe Refurbishment Project
  • Investigate the need for, and establishment of, a Banking Hub in the township
  • Retender for Grounds Maintenance Contract
  • Next steps with the Halewood Neighbourhood Plan
  • Mayoral engagements
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