Update – Removal of Trees at Halewood Shopping Centre

Halewood Town Council, and the residents of Halewood, were outraged to see contractors cutting down and removing trees from the car park at Halewood Shopping Centre. In addition to the environmental vandalism of removing perfectly healthy trees, this decision will also have a negative impact on the plans the council is developing for a Festive Lights Switch-On next month. Residents will recall that the trees in the car park were a feature of the lighting display in the past two years, and this had been well-received by many residents, especially children.

The Mayor of Halewood, Cllr Iain Hamilton, has joined the Town Manager, Gerry Allen, and council staff in seeking answers from LCP, the owners of the land and retail units at the site. In his conversation with the company, Cllr Hamilton laid out the serious objections of the council and residents to the act of removing the trees and sought reassurance that any further work to remove trees will be halted until the legality of their actions is investigated. The representative of LCP understood the objections and agreed further actions with the trees would cease for the time-being.

The Mayor has joined forces with Halewood borough councillors in seeking the support of Knowsley MBC to express our anger at the decisions made by LCP and seek clarity on whether their actions are legal. Many residents will know Knowsley MBC has a legal responsibility for woodland management employing a Tree Specialist to deal with such matters, and it is widely known that the removal of trees is generally subject to planning approval. The Mayor has also personally contacted the office of Maria Eagle MP, and other MPs in the area to seek support with this matter.

Halewood Town Council will continue to work with its partners in addressing this serious matter. It is also the council’s intention to continue with a Festive Lights Switch-On event next month. Please watch out for further announcements on the Town Council website and social media platforms.