Welcome to Halewood Town Council

IMG_1178Welcome to Halewood Town Council’s new website.

In a history that goes back to 1894, first as Halewood Parish Council and, since 1976, as Halewood Town Council, Members and staff of the Council have sought provide services for and support the people of Halewood.

In these days of digital access, websites are now and integral part of business and community life and in redesigning and launching this new website, we hope that it will be useful, informative and easy to navigate. By its nature, the content is always under review and at the moment, parts of it remain work in progress.

Our motto is Optima Petimus, ‘We Seek the Best’ and a Quality accredited Council we are constantly striving to improve our services for the community of Halewood to ‘Seek the Best’. So if you have any information, comments or suggestions that you think may help, especially regarding our new webiste, please do get in touch with us via admin@halewoodtowncouncil.gov.uk.

I hope you find the website useful and informative. Together, the Elected Members and the staff of the Town Council, we will work hard to make Halewood the very best place it can possibly be to live, work, play and do business.

Kind Regards

George MacKenzie

Town Manager