Town Council Meeting – Rodents

In addition to the significant discussions about NHS provision in Halewood, Councillors were informed by a number of residents of the increased problems caused by a rat infestation across our community.

It is evident this a major problem for many people across Halewood. There were reports of dogs suffering with Weil’s disease as an outcome of the rat infestation, and other stories of the huge distress this is having on the mental health of many residents. The cost of dealing with the problem is also a worry for many families. As new developments occur across Halewood and other areas of Knowsley, the rat problem seems to follow.

There are limits to what a Town Council can do in response to this problem, as it is an issue for the Principal Authority – in this case Knowsley MBC. However, Halewood Town Councillors have agreed to respond in two ways, so that they may help to alleviate the problem this rat infestation is causing:

1 – We will post information and guidance about how to reduce the problems. Residents last night also advised that some of the issues are caused by dumped rubbish and the inappropriate use of wheelie bins (i.e. leaving them open or overfilling). The relevant advice and information will be shared through the Town Council website and Social Media platforms.

2 – We will allocate funds to help address the problem. In the first instance, we will aim to work with the Pest Control Team at Knowsley Council.

Information on bin collections and the use of bins is in the link below.