Town / Parish Council Elections – Thursday 2 May 2019

In line with best practice, the Returning Officer will be holding a Candidate and Agent’s Briefing with regard to the forthcoming elections.

As there will be Borough and Town Council/Parish elections being held in May, the session will cover aspects of both elections taking place. As a consequence, it is anticipated that there will be large number of candidates and agents wishing to attend the briefing. The Returning Officer will therefore deliver the same briefing on two separate occasions, giving candidates and agents the option of attending on one of the following dates:

Monday 4 March 2019 – starting at 4.30pm or
Thursday 7 March 2019 – starting at 5.30pm
Huyton Council Chamber
Municipal Buildings
Archway Road
Huyton, L36 9YU

As the sessions will be taking place when the building is closed to visitors and taking room capacity into account, we would request that anyone wishing to attend please email with the date they wish to attend.