The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is to design and facilitate a process that will result in the preparation of a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Halewood in order to achieve the respective vision for this Town.

We aim for this process to be:

Inclusive – Offering everyone who lives or works in Halewood opportunities to participate fully in the plan.

Comprehensive – Identifying all the important aspects of life in Halewood for which we need to plan for the future.

Positive – Bringing forward proposals which will improve the quality of life in Halewood.

Supported – Where there is a need for professional support to complete the process.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, along with its technical advisers, will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Prepare an outline process for producing the Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. Promote the process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan to encourage participation and the submission of views and ideas.
  3. Organise meetings to gather views and consult on ideas.
  4. Assess existing evidence about the needs and aspirations of the Town.
  5. Liaise with relevant businesses and organisations to secure their input in the process.
  6. Ensure that the views of the full range and diversity of interest Groups are sought through the process, as far as this is reasonably possible.
  7. Analyse the views, ideas and proposals received during the planning process and use them to prepare a draft Plan.
  8. Keep the Council fully informed of progress and, where appropriate, present Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes for acceptance and subsequent adoption.


The current Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group for Halewood consists of Town Councillors and is chaired by Cllr Bob Swann. It will be expanded to include community members after the round of consultation events to be held in September and October 2020.

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