Keep our green spaces clean, take your rubbish away with you!

Halewood Town Council is proud that many of its parks are well-used by the residents and families of our township. A significant investment is made to maintain these green spaces to a good standard, and to keep them free of unwanted waste and rubbish. We need your help, however, to maintain this standard – particularly when it comes to rubbish that is left after sports activities.

A number of residents have contacted the Town Council and rightfully complained about rubbish left after sports activities, in particular at Hollies Field. Whilst we appreciate many teams and individuals do their best to ensure pitches and sites are tidied at the conclusion of sporting activities, there have been a number of occasions when the field has been left with plastic water bottles, coffee cups, food wrappers etc. We are therefore making a special plea to the organisers of sporting activities to be mindful of the issue this coming weekend and go the extra mile to advise their own groups (or spectators at matches) to take away their rubbish or dispose of it in a neighbourly manner. We also make this plea to those of you using the parks for ‘unofficial’ sports activities which may range from semi-organised football matches to a simple kick around between friends.

Please help us: Keep our green spaces clean, take your rubbish away with you!