Help Us Deliver Events in Halewood

One of the aims of Halewood Town council is to help promote a vibrant and active local community. The Council recognises and supports the valuable contribution made by many voluntary groups and organisations (often very small) to the well-being of our local community.

For 2020, Halewood Town Council  aspires to the delivery of three significant community events. In previous years, community events would be organised wholly through the staff team of the Town Council. For 2020, our aim is to work directly in partnership with one or more community organisations to assist with event facilitation. We need your expertise, community knowledge, your volunteers and your enthusiasm!

Our three main Community Events for 2020 are as follows:

  • A community event to celebrate VE Day on the weekend of May 8th-10th 2020;
  • A community event to promote the work of the Town Council and other local partners in the summer of 2020;
  • An event to help promote the switch-on of the Halewood Christmas Lights for 2020 and support other Christmas activities at the Town Council.

Funding is available for the co-production of the events and more information (including key dates and how to apply) can be found here COMMUNITY EVENTS FOR 2020