Guidance on Social Gatherings

 Halewood Town Council wishes to remind residents of current guidance regarding social gatherings during the lockdown. We are aware of social gatherings in Halewood that occurred over the recent Bank Holiday weekend that will have breached the official guidance. Until government changes the rules the Covid-19 legislation states that:

You can meet one other person from another household, outdoors. The government scientific advice is that you remain 2 metres (6 feet) apart.

You can’t visit friends or relatives in their houses or indoors. Nor can you gather in a larger group with people who are not from your household (apart from a few exceptions, such as funerals). Higher fines will be imposed for anyone who breaks these rules.

As a Town Council it is our duty to work collaboratively and responsibly with respect to the current lockdown with key partners like the NHS, Police, Social Landlords etc. If the Council or individual Councillors become aware of planned gatherings then they will do their best to advise residents of what is and isn’t permissible in law. In addition, for the wider public health of Halewood residents, it is their duty to take responsibility and remind residents of the potential impact of transgressions of the law on their more vulnerable or shielding neighbours.

The information posted on the BBC website today may prove helpful: