Covid-19 Vaccinations at Hollies Hall in 2021

Residents will be aware that Halewood Town Council has been working with Dr. Sandeep Rai and the team at Hollies Medical Centre  in recent months for the delivery of the Flu Vaccine. This successful partnership utilised the space at Hollies Hall for the convenience and safety of residents whilst Health settings have been prioritised for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a follow-on to this successful arrangement, Halewood Town Council is pleased to announce that Hollies Hall will now be used as the primary venue in Halewood for the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccination from January 2021. We will share more information on this development in the New Year, and this will include information about the prioritisation of residents for receipt of the vaccine.

Commenting for the Town Council, Mayor of Halewood Cllr Bob Swann stated:

“I was very pleased that the Town Council worked imaginatively with Dr. Rai, Dr. Merriman and the Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group to help with the delivery of the flu vaccination earlier this year. It is even more pleasing that we can work with them with to help deliver some of the Covid-19 vaccinations to our residents. We are all trying to play our part in supporting the wider health of Halewood residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

At this particular time of the year we all need a little hope, and I believe this news will be welcome as we approach the Christmas holiday period. I send my best wishes to every Halewood resident during this busy time. Also, my hopes that your family stay healthy, and that we can soon get back to enjoying our lives with the same freedoms and opportunities we took for granted”.

This development is expected to have a knock-on effect with regular hiring of Hollies Hall, contact will be made with those directly affected. As a council, however, we are pleased to be playing our part in assisting with the wider public health of our residents and helping society get back to normal.