Council Statement – Proposed Refurbishment of The Arncliffe Centre, Halewood

Halewood Town Council intends to undertake a major refurbishment of its main building, the Arncliffe Centre. To progress, the project needs the consent and support of Halewood residents.

The Arncliffe Centre is a well-used and much-loved Halewood landmark. It is the place where many residents gather at important times to honour and celebrate, to commemorate, to play sports and improve their health. It’s where we hold our council meetings, host civic guests and the services/activities so many people value.

But – having opened in 1975 – the building is showing its age. We also need to make the building more energy efficient, improve its ability to host larger-scale functions and offer a wider range of provision to serve the growing population of our township.

So, we’ve been working on plans to protect and improve it for Halewood. We have a scheme that we hope will achieve our objectives, and ensure the building becomes a true ‘go to’ destination for everyone. We have done investigation and surveys to understand what we need to do to restore and bring the centre up to modern standards. The budget for the whole project – including a sizeable contingency element which should reduce over time – has been set at up to £1.4 million. Independent expert analysis has confirmed the assumptions behind this projected cost.

On Thursday 16th June 2022, Halewood Councillors gave the final go-ahead to begin consulting with Halewood residents on the scheme. Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to make your views known about our plans either in-person or via an online survey. We have asked a Merseyside-based company called ‘Placed’ to undertake this consultation to ensure it is independent and high quality. We will make further announcement about key dates and opportunities to participate in this consultation