April Coronavirus Update

As the Coronavirus crisis continues, we reaffirm our statement that the health and well-being of Halewood residents, Town Council staff and the people performing ‘essential’ work is at the forefront of everything we do and will continue to adhere to government advice.

All activities at Hollies Hall and The Arncliffe Centres, including functions, regular groups and Council meetings will remain suspended until the end of April (as a minimum). This will hardly be a surprise given the context every person in the country is now living through. We will take a decision about meetings and events in May and June in two weeks’ time. The Town Manager and Councillors are liaising most days about council business.

In terms of support, the priority for Halewood Town Council is to support the community-led responses to the virus, supporting local people, key services and sharing information. The Arncliffe Centre is now a ‘Community Hub’ facilitating some of the responses to the most vulnerable across the Halewood community. It will act as a central point for the Knowsley Foodbank in Halewood for the delivery of food items, storage and packing before they are distributed to households. Halewood Town Council has provided funding to the Knowsley Foodbank to kick-start the new Hub – the Foodbank is able to bulk-buy items in a way the Town Council can’t. The Community Hub will be staffed daily from 11.00am – 2.00pm but will also open flexibly to meet demand for deliveries, distribution etc. 7 days per week. The Town Council also acknowledges the excellent work being undertaken by Halewood’s faith, community and voluntary sector to support the neediest in our communities, and stand ready to offer additional support wherever this can make a difference.

Finally, the Town Council is also liaising directly with Knowsley Borough Council in terms of its plan to co-ordinate support with the major services – NHS, Police, the Army among others. We think this is vitally important and it will allow us to connect to the Council’s system for aligning volunteers to support vulnerable residents, and to ensure this is done ‘safely’ for the protection of the receiver and giver of that support. This will also facilitate the sharing of important resources to help in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Here are some important numbers and details:

Halewood Community Hub (Arncliffe Centre)

Tel: 07756 080888  Email: Halewoodcommunityhub@outlook.com

Knowsley Council – 0800 073 0043

Has set up a Community Support and Volunteer Line. This is to help Knowsley residents who need additional support during the outbreak and also coordinate offers of help for those who are wanting to volunteer their time or services to help those in need in their local community.