Arncliffe Centre Refurbishment Project

This page is dedicated to the council’s project to undertake a large-scale refurbishment of The Arncliffe Centre. At March 2023, the project has continued to progress through the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stages of Development, and is currently close to finalising RIBA Stage 4. If you click on this link Future Arncliffe Images, it will take you to a document showing images of how the Arncliffe Centre might look after the proposed refurbishment.

The project to refurbish The Arncliffe Centre has been consulted on with the wider public of Halewood via an online survey, and via consultation sessions conducted by Merseyside-based agency ‘Placed’. The report is shared below at Document 4. At the end of 2022, the project has made links with the national ‘Youth Investment Fund’ (YIF) to adapt the refurbishment and enhance Youth Provision in Halewood. A link to YIF can be found at Document 5 and a Youth Engagement Survey, produced as part of the council’s submission, is at Document 6.

Document 1

Halewood Town Council’s initial statement on the refurbishment project: Council Statement on Refurbishment

Document 2

After posting the initial statement, the council has received a number of comments, queries and observations about the project. Our first set of responses to those questions as a set of  ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ can be found in the link here: FAQs Arncliffe refurbishment 22-7-22

Document 3

Notice of consultation on the Refurbishment Scheme: Arncliffe Consultation Poster

Document 4

Completed consultation report on the Arncliffe Refurbishment by the organisation ‘Placed’. Report received at the Town Council meeting of 17 November 2022: Arncliffe Refurbishment – Consultation Report

Document 5

Link to information on the Youth Investment Fund:

Document 6

Youth Engagement Survey: Youth Engagement Survey

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