Merseyside Charity ‘Channel’ and Halewood Town Council

For Christmas 2020, Halewood Town Council will join forces with local charity ‘Channel’ to assist with the receipt and storage of toy donations for local children and families.

‘Channel (Halewood)’ was formed in 1978 and is part of Channel, a Liverpool based charity formed in 1969.  Channel works to support vulnerable families and referrals are made by professionals involved with families.  Grants of up to £70 are made for items such as safety gates, microwave etc. From its beginning Channel Halewood has collected and distributed Christmas toys to families.  This has been possible through donations from toy services held by local churches.   Clearly this is not possible in 2020.

Are we letting Covid-19 stop the work of this important Halewood initiative? Absolutely not. For 2020, we are therefore seeking toy donations from local people and organisations. Can you help?

To ensure the health and safety of local volunteers through the pandemic, Halewood Town Council will take receipt of donations on behalf of Channel at the Community Hub now established at The Arncliffe Centre. They can be made between 10.00am and 3.00pm Monday-Friday. Channel will work with partners on the distribution and ensure they reach those Halewood families who will benefit most from the kind donations of residents. Donations will be accepted from November 15th through to December 18th.

The Town Council is pleased to work with Colin Critchley and the team at Channel who have provided this vital service for over 40 years. The sourcing of toys may be different this year, but the impact may be more important than ever.

For more information contact the Halewood Community Hub on 428-1929 or email Dave Murphy on