Chair Person’s Report

Summarising his year of office, Councillor Norman Hogg writes….

It has been an honour and privilege to be Chairperson of your Town Council and Mayor of Halewood during 2018/19.

My year started off very sadly, long serving Town and Borough Councillor Cllr Tina Harris passed away in June and the following month, my great friend and former Town and Borough Councillor Tommy Fearns also passed away. Their friendship and support are greatly missed and the community of Halewood owes a great debt of gratitude to Tina and Tommy. May they Rest in Peace.

Early in my year of office my wife and I once again had the opportunity support the Halewood Culturefest, the ten day feast of cultural activities throughout the Township. This was closely followed by the Town Council’s Community Fun Day which once again drew large crowds in glorious weather to spend time simply having fun.

Once again the Christmas Concert was a great start to the festive season; it highlighted the talent we have in Halewood and was the beginning of a whole host of Christmas activities provided by the Town Council.

Hollies Hall was of course the venue for our Pupil Recognition and Community Achievement Awards….what an inspirational evening!

This year I have also been able to support many charitable activities through the Mayor’s Fund and I have been delighted to provide help and support wherever I could.

I have been privileged to have been a Town Councillor in Halewood for over 20 years during which time I have always acted in what I truly considered to be the best interests of the Halewood community. However, now is the time to hand over the baton to others!

In doing so, I offer my thanks to all of my colleague Elected Members down the years, and to the various Town Manager’s and Town Council staff with whom I have worked. My thanks go to each and every group and resident who do so much to support our community and finally to my dear wife Wendy, who has been and continues to be the best of the best!



Cllr Norman Hogg

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