Summer Fun & Food Activities for Families

Image result for holiday hunger  The summer of 2019 will see a range of services and activities provided by the community, faith and voluntary sector across Halewood. This includes the delivery of activities by Halewood Town Council.Many of the activities are aimed at supporting families who may experience ‘Holiday Hunger’. The long 6-week summer holiday can prove an additional financial burden for many families because they are no longer able to access free school meal provision. For some families, this can add up to £30-40 per week to their already strained household budgets. There is also the additional challenge of lost routines for school-age children.

Recognising this phenomenon, and in its typical spirit of partnership working and commitment to making a difference, the Halewood community has stepped up and is offering a number of activities throughout the summer. The information in the link highlights the dates of activities and key contacts for each organisation Summer 2019 Activities 2