Budget and Precept

How is the Town Council Financed? 

The net cost of the Town Council’s activities is financed by levying what is known as a precept, which is added to the Council Tax levy set by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

For 2018-2019, the Members of the Town Council resolved to increase the precept by stand still plus 2%, due principally to the loss in Support Grant received from Central Government via Knowsley MBC (£75,000 over the last 5 years) and to fund proposed future developments.

Reluctantly therefore, even though in total terms our precept income will fall by £11,000,  the Town Council resolved to increase the precept in 2018/19 by 2%, the equivalent of an extra £1.41 per year at Band D and will provide £372,403 for the year.

This increase, a little over 2.5 pence per week, sees Halewood still with the lowest level of precept in Knowsley.







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