Chair Person’s Report

New MayorFor 2015-2016, the Chairman of the Town Council and Mayor of Halewood was Councillor Allan Harvey.

Summarising his year of office, Cllr Harvey writes….

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve my community as Leader of the Town Council and Mayor of Halewood during 2015/2016.

Sadly, during this year, I have seen first-hand many of our children and families continue to struggle under the strain brought about by the Tory Government.

That in the 21st century, people in Halewood have to resort to visiting the Knowsley Foodbank is nothing short of a disgrace. However, for them it is much needed support and a life line in their struggle and so I urge you, if you are able, support the Knowsley Foodbank as much as possible.

The support of the Town Council to those less fortunate amongst us, has taken on number of forms this year including our providing funding via our Community Grants Fund so that those at risk of being alone on Christmas Day can meet socially and enjoy a Christmas Dinner; our heartfelt thanks to ‘Happy Feet’ for making this happen.

In partnership with some of our Primary Schools, further support has been provided by the Town Council directly to children and families in most need of help and I thank the Head teachers and staff of our schools for their assistance.

These are just two ways in which your Town Council has supported members of our community and abhorrent though they are in one way, in terms of being required at all, I am proud to have led the Town Council in making these decisions.

I am proud too, that in our staffing review, we have been able to secure full time jobs for most of our staff and proud too to lead the first Council in Knowsley to receive accreditation by the Living Wage Foundation and to continue paying as a minimum, the Living Wage to our staff.

But overall, I am proud of you, the community of Halewood, my community and during the year I have seen Halewood’s Community Spirit at its very best on many occasions; the hard work of the children in our schools, the care of our older people, the practical support for those in most need; all these and more, make be very proud to be from Halewood.

Personally, in what has been at times a difficult year for me health wise, I am grateful for the support shown to me by my family, friends and fellow Town Councillors; to each and every one of them my sincere thanks.

My final thanks too, to the staff in St Helens and Knowsley NHS Hospital Trust. Under the cosh as they are, the socialist created National Health Service saved my life this year and for that I will be forever in their debt.

Cllr Allan Harvey